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Why Franchise
  • Franchise comes with already establish name, it will save time, cost 7 risk.
  • Success chances are very high comparitively own started business.r
  • Research & development available at own cost
Why Carz Hub ?
  • A team of winners with experience in car cleaning 7 beautification.
  • A robust emerging brand.
  • Completely structured & organised system.
Who should apply ?
  • Pessionate about Car, willing to enter into te Car Care Industry.
  • Those who are hungry for the oppertunities in Automobile Sector
  • Enterprising & Visionery, Car lovers & Service based in business.
  • Person having investment, infrastructure & ready to put hard work & success
  • Person already in Car related industry can be at initial advantage, but not compulsory.
  • Commitment to devote full time attention to the venture or to source
  • Professional help in running the venture.
Requirement for Franchisee?
  • Total of 1000 Sq.Ft to 1200 Sq.Ft of bare space. (Space can wither be open or covered)
  • 3 Phase Power Point conncetion with connected load of 15KV as maximum.
  • Total of 800 to 1000 liter of water per day.
  • Drainage facility to dispose of the waste water.
Our Support ?
  • iCARZ HUB provide information to and shared experience with its franchise to ensure early ongoing successful program intimation.
  • From free training to grand opening you will work side by side with the members of our support team.
  • Every stage is comfortablely paste ensuring you receive a quality training experience.
Site Specification ?
  • Location is an important aspect of business. We prefer location where we can be more visible to people.
  • Site near to residential blocks, market, shopping complex can be considered.
  • Site near to petrol pump or on highways can be considered.
  • Site at the parking of the mall can be strategic business location.

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